The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 15.}: Software/Web Development

Developing software and designing experiences & learning spaces

…two different processes and methods, but they have also a lot in common, which can possibly only be seen by a Sociologist (and Perfomer) with additional IT background. I make my 2 educations extend each other, learn from one another…and see a broader perspective.

That’s why I am a precious asset to a Software/Web Development team – cause I can understand, talk to and connect its different elements: presale people, analysts/researchers, external partners and suppliers, developers, testers and a customer. And not only customer, but users!

A software system wants to be simple, functional and make users happy.

A development process can be both fun and professional.

System design and development should involve end users along the way. Because it’s not IT specialists, but cooperation between them and users, that is the strongest resource in delivering a good product.

And process is an intrinsic part of any product – also research, design, development and post-production usage. Both lessons learned and influence (not to mention benefits) a new system has on a company’s clients, partners and market in general. New ways it makes people interact…

And here a question of ethics, trend-setting and leading by example also comes into a picture.

A good product can inspire other brands, can change users’ behavior, can set new trends and values. And here a concept of green IT, sustainability on different levels and CSR can be taken into account.


I want to closely work with end-users. And connect them with developers to make them use each other’s knowledge and experience in a more optimal way. I create trust, I speak languages from different professional universes. I can translate technical language into a human language…and further even into poetry.

I see a broader picture. I am a specialist in being a generalist.


Here you can read more about what I want to work and contribute with when it comes to web/software development.



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