Portable Door…


… shifts places and times. And suddenly opens for one or for a special constellation of interacting people. This is art when it pops up …a possibility to enter. Art cannot be fabricated or repeated, cause it’s a river, or a butterfly in an open hand. I respect it. And I cannot count on it. It needs this unpredictable door. I see it like that: (artistic) practice is value, but it does not always bear art. Self-development is value, yet it does not always bear transformation.


My practice and invitation is interactive spaces I create, where I set a fertile frame for self-expression and self-extension through intimacy, (role)play, challenges and other people .


Portable Door manifestations has taken various forms throughout years, sometimes in collaboration with other teachers, artists and inspiring space-holders.

Right now there are 3* main focuses and invitations for you:



Body Talks – special one-to-one sessions of massage + ‘authentic relating’ exercises, rituals and interactive play, individually designed for you.

Workshop and Interactive Ritual "100 faces of 'each other' "

100 faces of ‘each other’ – monthly Workshop and Interactive Ritual.  Past events: 24 March {Phoenix on Fire: Pain &Pleasure of (re)Birthings }, 27 April {Kaleidoscopic Attraction}; 25 May {Stories, Embodied Philosophy, Touch}}


Iwona's massage

Iwona’s massage – full body energetic massage that combines softness and firm touch. It’ll make you feel relaxed, loved… and energized.


My drive is to self-design and eclectically share treasures, knowledge, experiences from my personal journey with tantra and sensuality, performance art, dance, rituals, authentic communication and dynamic complexity of being a human.













word from BEHIND THE DOOR…

I see ‘Portable Door‘  as Interactive manifestations of various kinds with a common aim of sharing stories and skills. The lab will frame experiences for people through workshops, events and personal inspirational sessions. The project of shared responsibility and passion.

Recently the door has been opening through the Human Library (Menneskebibliotek), my monthly Workshops and Interactive Rituals “100 faces of ‘each-other’ “, Sisters Academy and my individual sessions: massage and ‘Body Talks’…