Body Talks

Body Talks

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I want to create a space of ‘being who you are’ through human touch. I encourage honest communication about emotions, wishes and boundaries – mine also, of course. Let me hear what you truly wish to explore and I will tell you if I can contribute to that or not, if it’s me that will guide you. 

I recommend working together as a continuity, sharing at least 3 sessions.

We’ll talk individually before to design our meetings, with your intention/curiosity as a starting point, followed by my ability and intuition.


Express what particularly you wish to work with. If you don’t know yet, we’ll find out together through intuitive ‘Body Talks’. That is what the first session is also designed for. To go deeper.


I have worked with rituals, performance art, interactive workshops, intuitive massage. I’m inspired by tantra and sustainability on an (inter)personal level.

I create a safe frame where you can challenge and express yourself playfully and honestly.

I can serve you with my talent for :

-o-  energetic touch 

-o-  listening & storytelling {sharing my personal stories and experiences is often crucial part of my work}

-o-  interacting / role-playing with you to explore real emotions and body sensations {longing to confront something you’ve been afraid of or excited about? It might be a good place for you…}

A 2,5 hour session is a self-designed combination of interactions/exercises (exploring a theme you want to work with) and/or different forms of bodywork f.ex. breath or massage. Additional 15 min is set aside for deepening talk and feedback.

Every meeting is very unique. But to give you an idea about what it could look like… or to inspire you:

Imagine you want to explore… The vice of cheap article writing began in nineties when internet was discovered and various academicians tried to exploit */\* sensual touch and energy in your body through my hands and guidance. Connecting to both emotions and senses, while relaxing in that you don’t need to “perform” anything, you explore sensual energy that doesn’t aim at any goal besides authentic relating, self-knowledge and empowerment. Part of the time we do energy-flow exercises with breath, voice and objects.

If you find the right proofreading software you can experience all the benefits of professional try here, namely - of online proofreading. */\* attraction: together exploring what contracts your expression (fear? guilt?) and what positively triggers attraction (connection? certain gestures/interactions?). We dedicate half session to a game: gradually shrinking distance to each other  exploring ‘what makes me feel really alive?’ through words, eyes, touch, creating this special ‘bzzz’ in the air. Distance can be very powerful. Touch can be too. We’ll do what feels most right. Every session in a series will have a special complementary focus.

how to write a compare and contrast essay Service Animals Research Paper essay for sale papers term help write paper */\* talk-storytelling-deep listening if you’re craving to talk and share something deep/secret and be listened to without judgement. I offer human connection and confidentiality and my approach is more art than psychology. I’m a person that has heard and seen things from many different “universes”.  Part of the session can be dedicated to a hug and mindfulness practices with breath and self-expression.

These were examples of possible sessions. The most important is what YOU really want and wonder! It might be that you surprise me with something unusual I have not worked with yet. That’s often the most interesting! So don’t hesitate to ask, we might take the challenge together. 

Payment and your contribution:

co-create the experience, take responsibility for communicating your intentions and boundaries


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Sessions are held in Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, Copenhagen downtown.

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(I’ll call you to talk and book the room together):

What is your intention for the ‘Body Talks’ session and why would you like to work with me?

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