I am Iwona.

This is my virtual universe, where you will naturally navigate through structure and chaos and hopefully find one treasure for yourself.

I wanted to keep my website exactly the way it was back in 2014, with an old design theme and all original content that used to mean something to me … when I, with excitement, created my first blog post.

I did not modernize anything. It’s a kind of time-untouched archive.

Even though my second university degree was IT, I most of all cherish the analog, the ephemeral.

My first candidate degree in sociology and master thesis on Interactive Performance Art and identity creation has set the direction that shaped me forever. And was at the same time a direct link to my “third education” through gained experience of combining performative teachings in art contexts with workshop~rituals, which I’ve been self-designing and offering for more than 10 years now.

Having one leg in IT world while the other leg dances with analog, non reproducible deep encounters in ‘here and now’ spaces, makes me feel split. Still now after years.

So it’s no surprise that most of the face-to-face, body-to-body experiences I’ve created and cocreated have no documentation. And it’s no surprise that few recordings and images that are there, still remain hidden from daylight (and digital world) in secret drawers. I simply still cannot decide if those two universes should interwine.

And so follow a few reminders – a kind of Manifesto – around what I believe is precious and important in art- and (inter)personal-spheres of life …

Even though I am impressed by many new technologies around big data and AI, I am not specially interested in art or content strictly made by robots.

AI vs Human is also something very different from Fiction vs Reality.

Fiction or playing with multiple “selves” can actually be very powerful and that was also the focus in my master thesis.

I must humbly state that the most profound form of art is immersive (fiction-based) interactive performance universes.

I have myself taken part through embodied experience in such. With SIGNA, Club de la Faye, Sisters Hope and my own workshops~rituals.

The power and validity of performance art genre lies in its ephemeral character. Improvised encounters with others and spaces, audience co-creating the art piece, fulfilling it to its whole and personal transformation happening for both visitors and performers.

Such art can never be reproduced and often should not even be documented.

Reproducible arts like visual arts (and I will buy one of NFTs too) and purely digital arts have advantage of reaching more audience.

Analog performance art is a “disappearing” art piece, to the extent that my heart often bleeds when no trace is left after a deep transformative experience.

But this is ART I have most love and respect for!

Like in life and love, it takes a set of connected elements in right timing to enter a special chamber that cannot be fabricated.

to enter Portable Door.