Intimacy of Death

I have an honor of presenting a visual Death Testimony, created by a wonderful woman called Rose.

Rose wrote…

I would like to share a little testimony about the intimacy of Death.

As my mother passed away the family chose to keep her in her home for three days never leaving her alone.

I spend the nights alone at her side and watched the rapid changes of her face and body trying to capture her transition with my pens and brushes.

I realized that Death is all but silent, but in the lack of words describing the phenomenon other systems of non-verbal expression takes over, languages of prayers, dreams and poetry, art and music.

In my testimony I share the intimate process of grief that could only be expressed in poetic ways recovering the world after the loss of a huge impact in life.

I share with you the sketches and drawings I made of my mother after she passed away, but also the recovery of her lost places as I one day suddenly discovered her portrait on the surface of the moon ~

soul synchronizes what cannot be spoken, I hope you will receive the soulful message


Golden Moon Mum‘ by Rose Maria Wiesner

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