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Sunday shadows, myths rewritten

Today is Sunday. Aloneness turns out to be pregnant with past-gathered stories, myths and images that ask me to bring them anew to the surface of today.
Warm mischevious sun and Spring lurking shyly from behind tree barks. Trees are not blossoming yet. Here She comes again, yet again for the first time.

“Everything happens for the first time. Just in a way that is eternal.” (Borges)

Eternity of Change.

“Never yet have I found the woman from whom I wanted children, excerpt for this woman whom I love: for I love you, O Eternity!” (Zarathustra)

Eros and Thanatos – are one and same thing, said Deleuze* about Freud’s two opposites.
Maybe therefore none of the opposites can win? The Two don’t even take the resolving fight. They need each other untill a conflict as a process becomes complete. As much time as it takes. Like towards a child. Or towards love. (Inner) conflict is painful… and conscious. And one day, suddenly, it’s some subconscious force – the Anima – or some other train of unexpected outside events, who brings a resolution to the conflict of “opposites”. There is a fairytale that pictures it: the conflict between two opponents (the Faithful and the Unfaithful) gets surprisingly resoved by a third character, Anima (the Princess)**.
Fairytales and poetry have special language that makes it possible to understand. Gain a deeper insight. Bear in mind: it’s also the language of “the Weird”. The weird and anima are often neglected. The Other.

(Inner) conflict is painful often. When one believes (s)he has to choose between shadow and light.
14 years ago I received a special (back then) book from a friend: ‘Owning your own shadow’ by Robert N. . Since then I’ve gotten to like and understand almonds much more. Mandorla.
When I was little I wanted to be good. But I couldn’t somehow 😉 I was convnced I wanted to marry Jesus, because he was good.
For years it felt there was some missing element in religion. Now in adult life I know what it is. Attraction. Mutual attraction between human and God. Maria Magdalena maybe? Or at least some kind of Anima of Jesus.***

* on Eros and Thanatos being one. Pleasure containing death drive in itself as a “curved line”, sustaining the libido drive, taking care of it’s repetition.

(Quote by Deleuze, taken from S. Zizek’s book “Living in the end times”)

** from a chapter ‘the Anima and the Heroes’ by Marie Louise von Franz

*** my own little Sunday blasphemy

**** original photo by Josh Blake (getty images)

Intimacy of Death

I have an honor of presenting a visual Death Testimony, created by a wonderful woman called Rose.

Rose wrote…

I would like to share a little testimony about the intimacy of Death.

As my mother passed away the family chose to keep her in her home for three days never leaving her alone.

I spend the nights alone at her side and watched the rapid changes of her face and body trying to capture her transition with my pens and brushes.

I realized that Death is all but silent, but in the lack of words describing the phenomenon other systems of non-verbal expression takes over, languages of prayers, dreams and poetry, art and music.

In my testimony I share the intimate process of grief that could only be expressed in poetic ways recovering the world after the loss of a huge impact in life.

I share with you the sketches and drawings I made of my mother after she passed away, but also the recovery of her lost places as I one day suddenly discovered her portrait on the surface of the moon ~

soul synchronizes what cannot be spoken, I hope you will receive the soulful message


Golden Moon Mum‘ by Rose Maria Wiesner

Sisters Hope’s Symbolic Testament

Ssiter's symbolic testament

I want to thank everyone who came to my funeral (…)

stop for a moment, press play, take three breaths and look around.

Come back. continue being a witness…

Her office was already dark when I stepped inside.

Dimmed lights, I mean, suede turquiose pillows, soft carpet that makes one wanna live and love.

She then lied down on this black carpet.

With my hands, I prepared her body … for transition.

I lit the candle.

Her candle and Her golden nail behind her head crown.

I covered her all, her face last.

I let her be where I was not, her Time was ticking different than mine.

After Time, I uncovered her slowly

… so she could, so alive, take a distance to herself.

She was standing there, looking at Her from that Time some whiles ago when she was lying fully covered, her candle burning.

Then she spoke.

I want to thank everyone who came to my funeral (…)

I listened, I witnessed.

Then when She finished the speech …

Iwona Rejmus at Sisters Hope archive

… I took three breaths and started to write what I had heard.

sisters hope symbolic testament

Sister’s symbolic Testament was donated to Sisters Hope Home Archive on 23 November 2021 by Iwona Rejmus

as part of her art project

Life ~ Death ~ Testament


wherever you are, stop and press play, close your eyes and then close this page

…when you feel it’s time

Interview ¤3

On the 13th of November it was, 2019, that I came to Erhard’s home for an interview.

People around me are my personal celebrities.  It’s an honour to be let in. It’s a sublime passion to leave a trace. It’s always an exchange.

I am the one that interviews, but I am being asked questions, too.

long for that kind of love

When I ask people that question, what I really dig is this mental act of feeling and imagining to the core of one’s deepest dream around love, translated into words and/or images. It can be a very vulnerable dream. It can be a love scenario one has experienced or has never experienced. Or a scenario one is never going to experience.  I think it’s a very important exercise.

 His love longing is portrayed by love that already manifested. In the past…

Erhard in his home in Copenhagen

You never stop kissing. Small kisses.

Unity in singularity without many words


Keep all academics out of love life. All reflections out of love life

my (unexpected) question for him

The very moment I entered his door, I was drawn to the interiors. So I gave him a spontaneous task. He accepted.

through his home

I like spaces. I like objects. How gorgeous to be exploring corners through someone else’s eyes!

what is sexy to you…

Then he found this…

… an object that was not only already filled with history and symbolic value, but also unexpectedly carried the answer to one of the core questions in the interview. Yes, rumpy bees and pumpy blooms… is what make Him tick.

his (unexpected) mission for me

I continued walking around His apartment’s corners. Slowly. My buzzing attraction towards aesthetics of objects with yet no name led me somewhere. I stopped. And He filmed…

This animal opened a new dimension to my understanding of a proverb that I’ve used quite often… when spotting life events and dynamics between people.

The animal apparently served as meaningful free association to a film/story/philosophy. That’s part of the contract I made with myself throughout all the 7 interviews I have and yet will do: I will link to a bigger intertextual whole… and extend a symbolic meaning.


rzucać perły przed wieprze  { pl }

(cast pearls before swine { eng }

his picture of an old friend, my roots re-found

Our wandering through His apartment led us in the end to His ‘memoirs’ box.

And the last picture…

He got excited to show it to me and for me it was like a time machine ! When you associate something , actually its very beginning, with a particular person… Yes, I could put Momo in my personal museum: My Journey with Performance Art

Momo. Genesis. The Roots.

The story goes…

In 2005, there was a huge building destined to be turned down, the end of Island Brygge: A-Huset.

Here I took part in my first interactive performance ever.  ‘In my face’ the name was. Here I met a significant handful of amazing people and inspiring artist. That’s how it started for me. 15 years ago. With many of the same people I have been journeying in parallel universes first with SIGNA, then our own art performance collective Club de la Faye. Together writing a movement manifesto, together shaping this new form of performance art.

Think, if I had not met Momo that autumn wednesday evening in Statens Museum for Kunst, if he had not invited me to take part in ‘In my face’ performance, who and where would I be right now in the world? I wonder sometimes…

This interview series revolves around two core questions: ‘what is sexy?’ and ‘deepest love dream’, as in unique life scripts of a human being, 

7 interviews. 7 encounters. Experience them here.

interviews in love

Interview ¤2

Seks i miłość po polsku…

I will not translate this interview. She’s brilliant just like that and it’s almost as much honour as pleasure to do one of these 7 interviews in our mother tongue.

Some chambers are only to be entered by a few with the key…

what is sexy to you…

‘Animal tenderness’ she said. I understood. Yet, only much later I realized that it means ‘zwierzęca czułość’ …and that extended my world even more. “Language creates reality” wrote Sapir & Worf and that – I remember – was one of sociological hypotheses that influenced me the most during and after my studies.

I long deepest for …that kind of love

Musi być “obłąkany, obdarzony i hojny”

that must mean ‘obsessed, skilled and generous”?

… until death tears us apart.

her (unexpected) question to me

Then she sat ME on the hot seat. And I told her about Virgilia.

Virgilia is a character in ‘North and South’ (1985) film. If I was ‘carte blanche’ with freshest eyes, I might have chosen another female figure. But years ago I was asked (or asked myself) which character I’d play in that film … and I got surprised by my choice. And I think today that exactly that past feeling of self-surprise, a sudden realization that I am actually different or more than I used yo think of myself…made me answer: Virgilia. Maybe significant inceptions unmanifested just need to manifest! Maybe it’s in their nature.

my (unexpected) question to her

It’s neither a question nor it was unexpected. And it happened one day before the interview happened – and I even started recording before I asked. But it was ok.

It was a confession. I’ve been carrying this intention for 2 years to tell her…that she was one of these women I would look up to because they’d reached a level of advancement, where they are so confident and so trusting a man and so seeing a bigger picture, that they are not jealous. One day her husband told me a story though: that summer where she sent us two to Norway, she was jealous! I suddenly felt both naive and affectionate towards her and her side I’ve never known before. And my perception of “advancement” in love relationships – it has changed forever.

The final harvest

Following a tradition, each interview brings some intertextuality. This time my free association to a film/philosophy/phenomenon  {inspired by meeting with her} is…


I can’t think of anything other that SHEEP now. How they smell and how they are tenderly in love…

This interview series revolves around two core questions: ‘what is sexy?’ and ‘deepest love dream’, as in unique life scripts of a human being, 

7 interviews. 7 encounters. Experience them here.

interviews in love

‘Spy in the House of Love’

I am close to – and very alert… on the event of finishing the last pages of “Spy in the house of love” by Anaïs Nin.


She’s just confronted the spy man, ready for exposure, for truth. Maybe. That’s what is cooking.  I just started to share this “oops anticipation-alertness” in a message to E. {who gave me the book} … so that he knows how this book shapes me, understands me, crystalizes my self-confidence and refreshed trust in the ‘epic’ that lies in shaky grounds, chaos, anchorlessness, magic. Also to express to him my appreciation for this gift. And reminder that I’m here and he’s indirectly part of it. And to let him know – did he realize what this book is gonna do to me?

Did he know? Did he do it on purpose?


Anyway I feed on magic. And I long for some let-go of illusion. At the same time I could consciously (wisely) stop this book now, cause that book has given me confirmation, validation of my journey (which can be anyway – and even more powerfully – be followed by the opposite of it, stability – that could also be an organic continuation of the “chaos-temporariness-magic surf” chapter dragging power instead of consequence from it.

So I need to be aware. Should I stop now and let the book do the magic working in me in completing what I’ve started and NOW it’s the momentum, peak, harvest, some leap? What kind of art act I want to do in the end of this chapter? I am not ready for stability before I turn this chaos into self-power and art!!!!

So focus. Feel. Patience. Intuition. And you will, cause you can. You have to. Courage.

One of the inability, stuckness is related to the contraction I’m also experiencing here now: how to share this, so it’s useful in a way it inspires others, potency? I cannot publish it unpolished, Polishing takes time I don’t wanna give it. Like with sexual-asexual post: that’s what I am mainly here for. Then I felt uninspired.

New places, contexts and people make me feel alive, but also frustrate me because “starting from scratch”. Single, short-time projects. I want a safe anticipation of and relaxation in longer journey. Spreading wings. Can somebody commit and hold me?



What and who do I want to commit to? Invest time and attention and passion to?

That’s it.

That’s what you need to figure our tonight, girl.


All the rest…you cut off.








It’s practical and “fits” (I’ve been wanting all to fit with time, and space and sequence and gaps).



Interview ¤1

this is not a beginning

but that day we’ve landed in this room to manifest something concrete.



sexy to you…

I asked the first question.

I learned about micro-sex and the truth lying in energy…


I long deepest for …that kind of love

I asked the second question.

I heard what really matters…



his (unexpected) question to me

then he asked me something.

It was a personal trip backwards and back in the now: through dynamic images and narratives.



between the lines

a reminder to-the-core came out-of-the-blue.




my (unexpected) question to him

…and then suddenly I knew how we proceed



In the very end

,,,he asked me about the objects.

He: “what are these?

Me: “this one here is a n authentic wooden “nail” for building traditional boats. It’s like a core to design, to stability, robustness. But there’s always “more” to traditions than we know… historically. Cause every object is deeply rooted in a rich context it belonged to.

And that one is a stick of joy. Used for BDSM and sexual rituals.

He: “wait. so these two… it’s actually the other way around to what I had thought?




this is not a conclusion

… rather my free association to a film//story/philosophy  {inspired by my meeting with him} 


I have been processing, editing, living this interview during my bus trip to Berlin.

The image came. Heart()Ego. Light()Shadow. Endless overlaps in the shape of an almond. The almond is the core. I first heard of the word in a book by Robert A. Johnson ‘Owning your own shadow‘.

In Berlin I was going to Xplore… and meet my beloved friend that once gave me the book… and stay with a friend I’ve been creating immersive performances with. Overlaps of Gold. Berlin made an imprint that rooted itself deep under my skin.





“(…) they can both be there at the same time.” – he said.

And that’s what I’ll take with me… – to the next interview.

This interview series revolves around two core questions: ‘what is sexy?’ and ‘deepest love dream’, as in unique life scripts of a human being, 

7 interviews. 7 encounters. Experience them here.

interviews in love

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Gdynia i zakamarki

Moje miasto w 2026 będzie miało 100 lat. Jest młode, jest szczególne, pełne zakamarków znanych i nieznanych. Jestem w odwiedzinach w domu urodzenia, na Skwerze Kościuszki. Głównie dla siebie samej i duńskich przyjaciół i nieznajomych – wybieram trzy specjalne miejsca w Gdyni, które są ważne i fascynujące, dla mojej własnej historii, ale też historii Wybrzeża i całej Polski.

[ Min hjemby bliver i 2026 100 år gammel. Den er ung, den er speciel og fuld af skjulte skatte – kendte som ukendte. Jeg besøger mit fødested i Skwer Kościuszki. Her vælger jeg – hovedsagelig for mig selv samt mine danske venner – tre specielle steder i Gdynia, som er vigtige og fascinerende for ikke kun min egen, men også hele Polens historie. ]


Jest piątkowy wieczór. I znowu natykam się na artystów. Przypadkowo. Czy to Gdynia, Gdańsk, Pisa/Lucca czy Kopenhaga. Dziękuje ci, prawo przyciągania, czy kimkolwiek jesteś. Kolorujesz mi szarość zwątpienia w kolory.

Ja tylko chciałam przejść szybko przez Muzeum Miasta Gdyni, żeby znaleźć to ostatnie miejsce: ‘Moje miejsce #3’. Ale zamiast tego znalazłam pogłębioną historię Mojego Miejsca #1:  unikalny album przedstawiający społeczność polsko-duńską przy budowie Portu w Gdyni!

Det er fredag aften. Jeg løber ind i kunstnere. Tilfældigvis. Igen. Uanset om det er Gdynia, Gdańsk, Pisa / Lucca eller København. Tak, ‘law of attraction’! – eller hvem du er. Du farver min verden når den bliver grå af tvivlen og trætheden.

Jeg ville bare flyde hurtigt gennem Gdynia Museum for at finde det sidste: ‘Mit favorit Sted # 3’, men i stedet for, fandt jeg en fordybet historie om ‘Mit favorit Sted # 1’:  et unikt fotoalbum der præsenterer et polsk-dansk samfund under byggeriet af Gdynia Havn! ]


A potem szybko zamknęli wystawę i kazali zejść na dół na wernisaż: Dorota Nieznalska i jej ‘Przemoc i Pamięć’. Spontaniczny skarb. Ale ja nie chcę opowiadać o II wojnie światowej. Te historie żyją we mnie żywo odkąd byłam mała. Gdybym miała wspomnieć II wojnę światową, podzieliłabym się raczej artykułem Jenefer Coates ‘Bearing Witness‘ o Leopoldzie Łabędź, który znalazłam w ciekawym, międzynarodowym projekcie aktywistyczno-literackimLeopard



Ale wracając do Gdyni… [ Men tilbage til Gdynia… ]

Moje miejsce #1  Port Gdyński

Gdynia powstawała równolegle z portem w latach 20ych XX wieku. Gdynia została wybrana jako miejsce nowoczesnego, głównego portu na Wybrzeżu… i tak stała się też miastem w 1926. Nowy port był alternatywą dla Portu w Gdańsku, który po zakończeniu I wojny Światowej stał się ‘wolnym miastem’ i należał do Legii Narodów. Więc port Gdyński stał się portem całkowicie polskim.

Dopiero teraz dowiedziałam się, że budowa była we współpracy z Duńczykami.

Mit favorite Sted #1  Gdynia Havn

Gdynia blev oprettet sideløbende med havnen i 1920erne. Selv om den blot var en lille fiskerlandsby, blev den valgt som fundament for en moderne, og Polens eneste, havneby på Østersøkysten … og sådan blev Gdynia til en by i 1926. Den nye havn var et alternativ til havnen i Gdansk, som efter afslutningen af første verdenskrig blev en »fristad« og tilhørte Folkeforbundet. Gdynia Havn kunne til gengæld kalde sig for en fuldstændig polsk havn.

Først nu opdagede jeg, at havnekonstruktionen blev til i samarbejde med danskerne. ]



Jozef Walaskowski i Magdalena Walaskowska

Józef i Magdalena Wałaskowscy zaczęła w 1925 pracować dla Duńskiej firmy Højgaard & Schultz, zatrudnionej przez polski rząd do budowy Portu w Gdyni.  [ Józef og Magdalena Wałaskowscy begyndte i 1925 at arbejde for det danske firma Højgaard & Schultz, ansat af den polske regering til at bygge Gdynia Havn ]





gdynia port fotografie Walaskowski Dania

Aparat Józefa Wałasowskiego i szczególny album – pasja fotografowania procesu budowy portu w Gdyni i codziennego życia społeczności polsko-duńskiej w okresie międzywojennym. (Muzeum Miasta Gdyni) [ Józef Wałasowskis kamera og et specielt fotoalbum – han var passioneret omkring at fotografere de lokale menneskers hverdag i perioden, hvor Gdynia Havn var beboet og blev bygget af et lille polsk-dansk “samfund” i mellemkrigstiden. (Gdynia Museum) ]



Polska-Dania Gdynia port swieta bozego narodzenia

Polsko-duńska celebracja Świąt Bożego Narodzenia w Gdyni, lata 20ste. [ Polsk-dansk fejring af jul i Gdynia, 20rne ]

to miejsce jest mi drogie, bo …

moje dwie miłości pływają/żeglują … a teraz też sama mam własną łódź. Poza tym porty są oknami na świat…

Moje miejsce #2  Muzeum Emigracji

Jest imponujące, leży w sercu Dworca Morkiego, skąd przez dziesiątki lat odpływały polskie transatlantyki. Jest podróżą w czasie, która łączy stare archiwa z inspirującymi wizualizacjami, pokazując historię polskiej emigracji na przełomie setek lat… i różne jej formy. Ludzie wyjeżdżali w poszukiwaniu pożywienia lub wolności, inni byli wygnani z kraju albo dobrowolnie wyemigrowali dla zawodowego spełnienia za granicami, jescze inni zamierzali zarobić i wrócić… albo nigdy nie wrócić.

Mit favorite Sted #2  Emigrations Museum

[ Museet er imponerende og ligger i hjertet af Gdynia Havn, hvorfra polske transatlantiske skibe sejlede i årtier. Det er en tidsrejse, der kombinerer gamle arkiver med inspirerende visualiseringer, og samlet danner et billede af den polske emigrations-historie – i dens forskellige afskygninger – gennem århundreder. Folk forlod Polen af jagt efter mad, overlevelse eller efter frihed, andre blev udvist fra landet eller af professionelle årsager frivilligt emigreret til udlandet, mens andres intention var at flytte, tjene penge og så returnere … eller måske aldrig komme tilbage. ]


Muzeum Emigracji; Gdynia
to miejsce jest mi drogie, bo …

sama jestem Emigrantką. I nie wyjechałam ani dla miłości ani dla pracy, ale dla znalezienia i wyrażenia siebie w nowym kontekście, który od pierwszego wejrzenia wydał się właściwy, potem stał się domem… (“home is where you can express yourself”)



Moje miejsce #3  z Kamiennej Góry na plażę

Kamienna Góra to naturalny punkt widokowy na Gdynię (52 m n.p.m.), najmniejsza i najdrożsża dzielnica Gdyni. Czarująca. Stamtąd zabrałabym cie na spacer prosto na plażę. To Zatoka Bałtycka. Od pełnego morza “chroni” ją Hel (półwysep) – tam też jest ciekawie! – jak często bywa z “rozdrożami” – i warto popłynąć tam rejsem.

Mit favorite Sted #3  fra Kamienna Góra til stranden

[ Kamienna Góra er et naturligt udsigtspunkt på Gdynia (52 m.o.h.), det mindste og dyreste kvarter i Gdynia. Charmerende. Derfra ville jeg tage dig med en tur ned til stranden. Ved den Baltiske Bugt. ‘Hel’ (halvøen) – den lange men snæverste del af landet – “beskytter” bugten fra det Baltiske Hav. Hel er en smuk lille naboby det kan kun nåes gennem havet og den – ligesom mange andre steder på “crossroads”,  har et speciel “vibe”. Det er det værd at tage færgen derover fra Gdynia. ]

Gdynia 1925

lato, Gdynia, lata 20-ste [ sommeren, Gdynia, 1920rne ]

Gdynia; port Gdynski; plaza

pocztówka do Dani [ postkort til Danmark ]

widok z Kamienej Gory; Gdynia

widok z Kamienej Góry [ et udsigt fra Kamienna Góra ]










to miejsce jest mi drogie, bo …

tu się wychowałam, nauczyłam pływać, a z Kamiennej Góry zjeżdżałam na sankach.



References and sources (of images and stuff)




It all was experienced this spring. I write about my very personal perspective on Lesbos island first now, during waning summer – as other things needed to be experienced and seen to meanwhile. Very different things, like also very different angles of nature-culture-crisis-beauty brought richness to my month-long stay in Greece…


What I went for, how I arrived

Oh, of course! I forget you need a bit of background facts (cause otherwise I’d jump straight to cores and nuances, well..):

Five first days on my own, Greek people and places have always won my heart, when I entered my hotel room I cried – so happy it felt. I think it was the old beautiful man from the reception – after I said who I am – he just said “I know” with his incredible low masculine voice (I soften immediately…)


After that I joined an organization dedicated to rescuing refugee boats from Aegean Sea once they manage to reach European waters.

And to giving medical care and translation in Moria Camp.

And to supporting refugee families living in Kara Tepe camp, waiting for ‘green light’ to be transferred elsewhere in Greece/wider Europe to try building often destroyed lives from scratch: we took care of washing service and children activities.



Who inspired me

My first inspiration and inner drive to go to Greece and help was my Danish friends that were there in 2015. After 3 years, when – after turbulences and the 180° shift in life direction – I had a window open for a longer travel during the winter, it suddenly came to me that now is the Time: I dropped my exotic plans and bought a ticket to Lesbos.

These Danish friends are since then continuing their artistic activism in form of Other Story – a project giving voices to real people that carry deep stories in transition.



I can say it has been the weirdest job I’ve ever had

My week could look like that (4+2+1=7 …and a bit of extra moments stolen from time):

4 night shifts of boat spotting on Katia Hill, always with a partner, staring at the empty, dark Aegean Sea in case a refugee boat arrives and needs help. Life stories. Wind. Weird aliveness. Doubt. Happiness. One time real anger – expressed -> transformative, leading to the deepest lucid dream I’ve ever had in my life.

2 day shifts in Kara Tepe camp with refugee children activities.

1 day off. Overall richness. Incredible amount of contrasts.


Children in the Kara Tepe camp were sweet and rough, curious, playing eagerly, learning eagerly, fighting eagerly. We had a language barrier, which – like with love encounters across borders – flipped us to another level of presence.







The second and last boat landing that I took part in. Early morning, me and another volunteer needed to come back, we forgot some equipment on the boat. I told her I needed to stay a bit longer on my own, not coming back to the house. Abandonded life jackets and various things one apparently grabs for a survivor’s night. 44 people came with this boat. It’s an ‘everyday life’ situation.  **) Aegean Boat Report provides official reports on refugee boats arriving on Greek islands, day after day



The organization I joined had leadership that I trusted, that inspired me, their ethics, overview and there-for-you attitude towards so many people they needed to interface with! Here during boat and rescue training.

I think leaders are so important, cause volunteers are almost by default a treasure. They come cause they have something important stirring on their heart. Leaders set the tone, inspire and influence by leading by example. That’s what I experienced through them and feel very grateful for. They provided fun, depth and hope. That’s a lot to receive from someone working so hard voluntarily!


…and off times, with funny, wonderful people

and old Greek restaurant I kept coming back to…here with a friend

here by my favourite cafe and concert spot ‘Bobiras’





“Idyllic” Lesbos – a new form of deep tourism

So much on one little island! All this beauty and weird contrasts all over street corners and nature makes Lesbos now, I think, an extremely rich and interesting place to be, work and live for a while or longer. International culture of very diverse people from all over the world

…on a mission to help,

                                    experience real life in transition,

                                                                                       “(re)humanize” stories:

                                                                                         stories heard from media,

                                                                                         stories incomplete,

                                                                              stories distorted by stereotypes or lack of knowledge

I met people, of course – that continue telling important stories about refugee situation after coming back to their homelands. I’d like to link especially to two of them I’ve met and shared a lot with while volunteering:



Oh, speechless now ! : I am still in the process of creating this blog (unpublished)…and I just heard the breath-taking news that these NGO leaders were arrested by Greek Police!




the whole PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE cycle

From scary past stories, to positive present experience to heartbreaking news of the future

(that is happening now)

I went to help 3 years after hearing…


… Lesbos stories from 2015 :

…that there’s boats with scared, life-risking refugees flooding to the shores of Lesbos from all possible sides, while there’s too few NGOs and almost the whole humanitarian burden lies in hands of independent volunteers

…that NGOs that are there often compete instead of collaborating with each other

…that refugees freeze, cause it’s winter and there’s bottomless need for warm clothes and especially shoes…never enough for all


Great generalisation, I knew it – glued together from random stories and stereotypes – therefore I needed to see with my own eyes. But I WAS prepared… to have a deeply transformative experience, a wake-up call, a sort of close confrontation with tough reality that is far from the world I got used to experiencing in everyday Denmark.

So I was scared to go. Yet ready to be skaken-awaken! The winter was piercing cold in Copenhagen on departure.
But my experience on Lesbos 2018 was surprisingly positive. It gave hope more than it took away hope.


my Lesbos story from 2018 was :

…tourism deteriorated – as my taxi driver was so bitter about – but a new „humanitarian” tourism blossomed, creating extremely rich, unique on the island that I have not experience any other place

…there is so many different NGOs right now helping with boat rescue, education, collaborative arts, medical and psychological help

…thanks to collective international efforts, huge warehouses with clothes and all other stuff for distribution was so full that we didnt know what to do with all that

…I was so impressed by my leaders of an organization I volunteered for. Professional, generous, considerate with huge overview and thorough in providing both lifeguard- first help- and ethical approach-training even to volunteers that were staying for merely 3 weeks. Leaders also working voluntarily, staying over a year

…I was impressed and touched by the level of collaboration of different groups and institutions how they coexisted with respect towards each other even though they had different interests and roles to fulfill. And here I do not only mean different NGOs exchanging knowledge, support, organizing joint trainings. I saw – and it was especially visible during boat-landing – where NGOs, police and official medicals from Lesbos were taking action together


So I was very surprised hearing a couple of weeks ago that my NGO leaders were arrested! Suddenly humanitarian help became criminalized.
I don’t know what to do or say.
Besides that I just need to share this. And I know they are innocent. I was there.


… and how can I say this in the best way?: 

that the whole refugee crisis is so complex that it is unfair to point fingers at any party, actually, without deep (and dynamic!) investigation.


I mean it. I feel very strong about that.
I was impressed by the Greek police, I was impressed by doctors that were coming when we called cause there were 2 deeply pregnant women in terrible condition with advanced hypothermia. They came to save lives even though they never signed up for that: their mission was service to people on Lesbos, suddenly there is thousands more. And capacity of hospitals and other resources the same.

Yes, I was there – together with many others – to help people in need, basic instinct, like I imagine doctors do, human-to-human emergency finds no discrimination!

I do not have a straight answer to streaming of people in need to Europe.

But I know that nothing is lost in nature and everyone and everything leaves a trace.

Cause elements are (inter)connected…

Fear is contageous. But so is love.