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On the 13th of November it was, 2019, that I came to Erhard’s home for an interview.

People around me are my personal celebrities.  It’s an honour to be let in. It’s a sublime passion to leave a trace. It’s always an exchange.

I am the one that interviews, but I am being asked questions, too.

long for that kind of love

When I ask people that question, what I really dig is this mental act of feeling and imagining to the core of one’s deepest dream around love, translated into words and/or images. It can be a very vulnerable dream. It can be a love scenario one has experienced or has never experienced. Or a scenario one is never going to experience.  I think it’s a very important exercise.

 His love longing is portrayed by love that already manifested. In the past…

Erhard in his home in Copenhagen

You never stop kissing. Small kisses.

Unity in singularity without many words


Keep all academics out of love life. All reflections out of love life

my (unexpected) question for him

The very moment I entered his door, I was drawn to the interiors. So I gave him a spontaneous task. He accepted.

through his home

I like spaces. I like objects. How gorgeous to be exploring corners through someone else’s eyes!

what is sexy to you…

Then he found this…

… an object that was not only already filled with history and symbolic value, but also unexpectedly carried the answer to one of the core questions in the interview. Yes, rumpy bees and pumpy blooms… is what make Him tick.

his (unexpected) mission for me

I continued walking around His apartment’s corners. Slowly. My buzzing attraction towards aesthetics of objects with yet no name led me somewhere. I stopped. And He filmed…

This animal opened a new dimension to my understanding of a proverb that I’ve used quite often… when spotting life events and dynamics between people.

The animal apparently served as meaningful free association to a film/story/philosophy. That’s part of the contract I made with myself throughout all the 7 interviews I have and yet will do: I will link to a bigger intertextual whole… and extend a symbolic meaning.


rzucać perły przed wieprze  { pl }

(cast pearls before swine { eng }

his picture of an old friend, my roots re-found

Our wandering through His apartment led us in the end to His ‘memoirs’ box.

And the last picture…

He got excited to show it to me and for me it was like a time machine ! When you associate something , actually its very beginning, with a particular person… Yes, I could put Momo in my personal museum: My Journey with Performance Art

Momo. Genesis. The Roots.

The story goes…

In 2005, there was a huge building destined to be turned down, the end of Island Brygge: A-Huset.

Here I took part in my first interactive performance ever.  ‘In my face’ the name was. Here I met a significant handful of amazing people and inspiring artist. That’s how it started for me. 15 years ago. With many of the same people I have been journeying in parallel universes first with SIGNA, then our own art performance collective Club de la Faye. Together writing a movement manifesto, together shaping this new form of performance art.

Think, if I had not met Momo that autumn wednesday evening in Statens Museum for Kunst, if he had not invited me to take part in ‘In my face’ performance, who and where would I be right now in the world? I wonder sometimes…

This interview series revolves around two core questions: ‘what is sexy?’ and ‘deepest love dream’, as in unique life scripts of a human being, 

7 interviews. 7 encounters. Experience them here.

interviews in love

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