Iwona’s massage

Et trygt rum hvor du slipper hverdagen, slapper af gennem berøring og dybe vejrtrækninger.

Min massage er både kærlig, opløftende og energigivende.


Come as you are and let yourself feel “home” in my hands. I’ve worked with various forms of ‘authentic relating’ practices and will encourage open communication about wishes and boundaries.

I create a safe frame where you can relax through softness, breathe deeper, experience loving touch and get energized by high-pulse massage. 


About me…

I have many years’ experience with rituals, performance art, interactive workshops, intuitive massage. I’m inspired by tantra and sustainability on an (inter)personal level.


80 min: 555 kr.

3 sessions: 1505 kr

A session combines soft and firm touch with full body massage.

Additional 10 min is set aside for talk, bathroom and changing clothes.


Sessions are held in Tinkuy, Badestuestræde 13, Copenhagen K.

To book a session, write to me { iwona.h.r@gmail.com } leaving your tlf nr, adding ‘Massage’ to the subject. 

(I’ll call you to talk and book the room together)

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