The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 14.}: ‘I am yours for one week’

When I was half-dreaming, an interesting idea came to my mind. My profile is very unique and indescribable and I want to break this pattern of others seeing my skills from one angle only. I consider working for or supporting projects, companies, organizations voluntarily for a week or two. To get insight, connect face-to-face, learn and extend what they do with my perspectives, interdisciplinary contribution. To turn the imaginary, abstract into hands-on, tangible.

The experiment is called ‘I am yours for one week’.

What I initially have in mind is contacting: Menneskebibliotek, Gadens Stemmer, some refugee-related project (Other Story or Trampoline House), some media company (to inspire for stories and gather stories, interviews, treasures) or some startup (preferably with CSR mission), as I am a good interdisciplinary “octopus”.

If you have other suggestions who I could connect with, let me hear you.

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