The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 1.}

I am quite amazed how active I turned out after landing back in Copenhagen late friday evening. Despite resistance, numbness, soul jet-lag, or what was that? Straight to a tantra workshop in Ringsted, the next day a walk in a forest and serving as a book in Menneskebibliotek during young women’s festival organized by KVINFO in Pumpehuset. Balancing different important elements, sustainability on the personal level, as I was teaching and inspiring others at Sisters Academy.

Since then connecting, networking and already holding three face-to-face meetings with different sectors working on different dimensions of sustainability, initiatives I’d like to work for: my friend Helena and her start-up; Jacob, who works on a book for Alternativet party and in a longer term connects art with politics; and Johan from Tinkuy, which entry point is self-development and spirituality community.

It makes me frustrated, I must admit, that people appreciate my ideas, inspiration and involvement, but there’s no budget for my salary. A repetitive scenario that – I know – appears for the sake of showing me something, pushing me towards some necessary alternative. And the alternative is setting my own company, finding my niche, creating a brand.

Ripeness comes when enough is enough. I remember a similar breakthrough when I got tired of waiting for a romantic love. Or when it constantly came to me, was persistently confirmed that I have to also work with tantra. And I will. But on the side of a main job I still need. So I still need your help. As before my ‘start-up’ child is born and grows independent, I want to work for someone.


Goodnight. Time to rest in doing nothing the rest of the evening. This is also art in itself (The Art of…).


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