The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 0.}

After diaries of the w(Hole) from within Sisters Academy, I want to continue sharing…now from my journey of job-hunting.

Back home now, in transition, on the crossroads, with friends. I want to help this law of attraction and find en employer/project collaborators. Will you help? {Day 0.} here we go.


{Day 0 and a half.}

I have some ideas about initial directions and people to contact. Well, most of them are not actually initial, but continuous, just with new perspectives after my recent experiences. Here is the first overview.


I want to – and need to – continue organizing and leading workshops at Tinkuy: Workshop and Interactive Ritual (#4): “100 Faces of ‘each-other’ “ . And more than that. Now I also feel that intuitive tantra massage sessions need to manifest, also to explore how it can serve people (and me) in this context.


My life journey paths want to keep exploring sustainability on different levels. Part of that is surrounding myself with nutritious food, people, spaces, brands. I want to support initiatives and companies by using them and spreading word about them. First step would be research/update on which socially responsible bank to change to, what’s going on with Alternativet party, Tinkuy movement and local organizations helping refugees. I will start from writing to Madeline, Johan and Jacob.


Recycling projects. Sometimes, it feels a little glamorous to turn recycling into a ritual I will contact Peter and Kathrine. Guldminen in Vasbygade is a place I will be following, no matter if I will get official invitation to participate. The answers will come tomorrow. And below is the proof that my passion overlaps with needs from Københavns Kommune: (old deadline, but new project, so would be interesting to find a winner and see if I can contribute somehow…)

contact person in Teknik- og Miljøforvaltningen, Njalsgade 13, 2300 København S:

Ditte Maria Vestergaard Hansen and Kathrine Overgaard Rasmussen (also from Guldminen) (a new project with deadline 3 Nov.)



Teaching interactive performance at schools to make use of money I got from Statens Kunstfond.


…to be continued.


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