The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 2.}

A negative response came from Guldminen: I didn’t get an office in Vasbygade and everyday access to treasures of the recycling station. Well, others will make good use of winning it, I know. Especially that what I wanted there was something slightly different. A job related to recycling. I’d like to raise awareness, make people fall in love with reuse, spread knowledge and provide easy DIY set-ups for private households (I am already doing that for friends).

I love the idea and potential behind Guldminen experiment. And I felt that new ideas, collaborators, money would come just by being part of that mine. So I reversed the sequence of things (office->money, instead of money->office), and I got a ‘no’.

But I won an inspiration coffee with the project coordinator. She knows I want to create a job for myself. And she knows that more than having an office, it makes sense for me to go around offices – companies, initiatives, activists – connecting elements and using them for interactive workshops, treasure hunts about recycling&upcycling that combine the virtual with face-to-face. I am looking forward to that meeting. I am also meeting one more from the field. After Poland, where I landed today, finally…




*I fancy those prototypes 🙂

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