What I did at IBIS Copenhagen

  • Communication, preparing overview, campaign plans and leading meetings
  • Networking and finding places to campaign with Yasuni + Totem (Dome of Visions, Republique, Earth Day, Roskilde Festival: Dream City and Triangle Project)
  • Social media + online marketing responsible (facebook, newsletters)
  • Updating php files for iFrame, updating tumblr, mailchimp and You Tube (accreditation of our blog URL+ clickable links), Totem and iFrame improvements ideas and coordination with Joachim and Kasper
  • Text production: facebook posts, 4 newsletters, application (Dream City, Roskilde Radio, Dome of Visions and more), letters to NGOs and Ecuadorian ambassador (both in English and Danish), text changes for tak-emails, blog (in Danish and English)
  • Yasuni database responsible: gathering data from Gmail, Google contacts, Totem, Mask App, hand-written sheets, camera&tablet (Face-to face). All in all data in CRM, …. contacts in Mailchimp
  • Communication and relation-building with other departments: Mikkel (CRM), Sanne (call centre), Bertil (text&photos for ibis.dk)
  • Translating some texts Danish-English for Dorthe, Malene
  • Helping develop ideas for OD gymnasium workshops (Sierra Leone and diamonds) with Thilde
  • Preparing summer party (memory-photos, projector, speakers)
  • Uploading hundreds of photos and tak-emails
  • Some volunteer coordinator tasks: communication, inspiration, initiating ideas and dividing tasks
  • Events coordination (transporting totem, gathering volunteers, seeing to campaign kit like elastics, masks, paint, etc.)
  • Research on Yasuni to better communicate on social media, newsletters and strategies like lobbying, events, COP19
  • Research and preparation for COP19
  • Plan on how Yasuni contacts and experience can serve IBIS after November
  • Handing over responsibilities/tasks (preparing a farvel-kit, including knowledge and documentation)


…and it has been one of the best, most inspiring and creative jobs I have ever had 😉

thank you for that experience, Iwona Rejmus.

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