The Art of… Job Hunt {Day 16. – 37.}: see the whole rainbows?

In the last weeks I was researching a lot and communicating with many people, because I was searching for a job, a meaningful job.

Sustainability on different levels and working with and for people, as a starting point. And adding to it the whole set of my kaleidoscopic skills and experiences. Having that, different areas I could give myself to.


Have you experienced looking back at old texts you wrote, workshops and ‘surprises’ you created for others, your roles in a teamwork you chose when you could chose yourself… and realizing that they are revolving around similar things you are apparently drawn to?

I can feel my element has to do with contributing to a project by using my (performer) presence and passion to pass on knowledge, values, draw attention to new perspectives and inspire, encourage people…

Here are only some job-searching/skill developing tracks I’ve been focusing on for the last weeks:

  1. Garbage Queen, creating an intimate relation to trash …and infecting others


This manifested through wide research on sorting garbage in private households and connecting to a lot of people that work with recycling and upcycling. Searching also for partners to apply for funds from Miljøministeriet. My initial intuition and little research on what’s needed to improve garbage-sorting (people’s actual habits and beliefs) was confirmed by official studies performed by Mona Jensen and DARE2.


Sustainability on the environmental level: Promoting feeling and practice of responsibility for environment and other people.


  1. Melting prejudice, transforming stereotypes through facilitating authentic meetings between real people


This manifested through applying for a job at Gadens Stemmer and contributing to Menneskebiblioteket.


Sustainability on the inter-personal level:

Promoting diversity and mutual learning between different people, perspectives


  1. How important touch is. Communicating and exploring one another through body, sensuality, sexual energy: Tantric Massage


This manifested through making together with Chris a ritualized Tantra Massage workshop that will happen on the 12th December: “Winter warmth, sexual energy and a taste of chocolate”


Sustainability on the (inter-)personal level: Promoting wholeness of being, authentic expression and interaction through various channels, not only words


  1. Meanwhile, I also made a four edition of my Workshop and Interactive Ritual “100 faces of ‘each other’ ” and was an assistant at PURPLE DOOR for London Faerie.


Sustainability on the (inter-)personal level: Promoting what I believe is worth spreading, at the same time developing my skills to teach, facilitate, hold space for people.


5.  As much as I feel resistant to working for free, I of course have to do it…cause it’s important.


This manifests through spreading the word that needs to circulate, like refugee situation. Just came back from the info-meeting by Other Story and I feel I want to help, but overwhelmed by how much it’s needed. I believe many people feel the same, they need to be given a clear task and concrete tasks are many, as so many different organizations and volunteer groups needs hands…in different forms Therefore, I decided to create a Jule Kalendar, where people who want to help get a simple tips on where and how. Receiving by giving – Santa Claus said this season.


Sustainability on the globally (inter-)personal level (or what?):

Promoting practical responsibility for “all that is not my business” that actually extends inner powers over what we thought is the limit of our capacity.



I am as always juggling with many balls at once, balls in different shapes and colors, which make the process maybe less bearable, but definitely trains my ability to see and handle the whole rainbows.

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