My roles and contributions to ‘Rituel du Papillon’ project

‘Rituel du Papillon’ project has been designed and developed by Club de la Faye since 2012 and manifested in Bremen in 2013. Here is what I did there…

  • Initiating the idea of different way of performance preparation and group work (workshops + work on the floor+ inviting outsiders-potential new performers)
  • Communicating, sending meeting reminders + connecting with old performers + collecting texts like Transformation Rooms, props list and workshop descriptions
  • Teaching Unit 2nd edition (powerpoint update, evaluation sheet)
  • PR (Explosive program + press release text + emergency PR-spreading the word in new German network)
  • Contacting Jonas for music and projectors
  • Bremen visit August, connecting, designing, structuring discussions and to-do lists
  • Creating texts, overviews like to do list, props list for Bremen and responsibility division
  • Leading 2 interaction workshops + a session with fishing out memories and each others’ talents + character development session
  • Introducing new pipeliners
  • Participating in others’ workshops, keeping the spirit up
  • Designing the key system + other idea generation
  • Setting up CDLFs account
  • Introducing and inspiring new members and performers, together incubating new ideas

It has been our biggest production and I feel very inspired and privileged to have been working with so many transformative projects and incredible people. The film has just been cut-final by Johan Verdensfred.

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