Day 13. {Sun day of the week}

So happy to be your Facebook friend. Didn’t know your name. It’s pretty.


I received a beautiful sharing in a pencil-hand-written letter, and then another one followed, asking me to forget about what I just read.

A spontaneous class, a short one, with four students, taking detour to the dormitory after which suddenly 5 more entered my room, as they just followed us. And something seeded there. I asked them for help and inspiration for a game that all of us will want to play. So we started threading. That ghostly class as new beginnings somehow. For now at least 2 people are also interested in the element of “being seen”. Or was that rather their act of seeing me?

A fight and rage ritual at the Concert Hall, beautiful, I felt those two men, their movements, alertness. And when they were finished, I came into the red ring. Waiting. No opponent stepped out. But I know there were some that wanted.

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