Day 12. {Magnet day of the week}

The (w)Hole is searching for a job. After her mission at the Academy ends in some weeks. She’s been wondering how to thread this element into her poetic self and her function as a teacher here. Without talking about the outside world. Today at a gathering ‘Agora’ style, staff, students and researchers shared their reflections and experiences. And then it came. “I am searching for a job. I always fall into alertness when meta-talk threatens immersion into a universe. But what I really want is to perform my future job from my poetic self. And I want people to meet me in the Academy and see what I do and who I am. Because it is (paradoxically) more authentic me. I want law of attraction to connect me with those I should be working with. I don’t need to create a separation between the (w)Hole and me, cause they only enrich, extend each other…”

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