Dear team of enthusiasts, ambassadors and experts of many disciplines,

I was intrigued by your job post and the invitation to collaborate. I decided to respond despite a close deadline, as I know that you also will find my profile intriguing and no matter if we say ‘yes’ to each other, the meeting will be mutually inspiring. I both understand and thrive in working cultures based on exploring the unknown, embracing the unusual to be able to pave new ways. Simultaneously, working cultures in which projects are being executed through certain structure (with agility) and engaging communication (with strong leadership) – to build long-term trust . Playfulness and embracing creativity is a (big) dot over ‘i’.


No project is initiated and executed by one person only. Ever. I will however contribute with my rich experiences and intuition to create a fertile ground where there are relevant resources, sufficient support from the leadership and freedom on my side to research, develop ideas, delegate and fullfill a project with respect to its nature and to the best of my ability.

I have been privileged, for many years, to co-create projects together with courageous, creative minds, artists, teachers and entrepreneurs working on a common mission to bring to life alternative, sustainable ideas that connect people from various backgrounds and cultures.



I think it would be beneficial for you if I describe how one of my multitasking days looked like as a project coordinator at IBIS (‘jeg er Yasuni’ campaign).

Morning: researching on relevant initiatives by other organizations; responding emails, communicating with volunteers before the weekly meeting, communicating with software developers that were enhancing our interactive photo booth for fundraising campaigns

Lunch: biking to Dome of Visions for a meeting with potential collaboration partners for the coming event about environment and sustainability. “Selling” the project, networking, interviewing people.

Afternoon: structuring the meeting with volunteers, reporting my latest findings, inspiring, keeping the spirit up, together polishing ideas and strategies for creative activism through events.



From my life experience as a performer, teacher and experience-designer – even more than through my double education in Sociology and IT  – I’ve learned a precious skill of designing good frames for immersive, learning processes, where participants feel empowered to interact authentically and play. The most crucial experiences for business, art and education were:


*interactive performance projects based on fiction and audience-involvement – with some elements similar to LARPs, and yet more powerful, in my opinion. Examples: Sisters Academy, our own performance group Club de la Faye and independently teaching performance methods in schools and festivals in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

*leading home-designed selv-development workshops with elements of games and rituals – organized independently, as well as during bigger events and festivals, like Tinkuy, Borderland (Danish-Swedish Burning Man), Authentic Relating Festival, etc.

*coordinating projects: in NGO (IBIS) and in performance-education (Club de la Faye’s big manifestation in Bremen)

*international experience though jobs, educations, travels and creative activities abroad, including Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Poland, India, Sweden, Germany. It required project coordination skills, openness, adaptability and communication to thrive in new environments.

*my English is very good and my interdisciplinary background makes me able to communicate in “technical” languages from various professions: artistic/cultural, IT, sociological.


I’d like to invite you to take a peek at some of the projects I was involved in through films, not to exhaust you with too many words.

Sisters Academy. 2015, Malmo, my role: interactvity designer, teacher/performer


Rituel du Papillin by Club de la Faye, 2013, Bremen, my role: project coordinator, workshop leader involving the locals into the performance, performer


slightly experimental, amateur, yet playful and very authentic (a day from my life)



again amateur and experimental, but I want to show my flexibility in my ways of working. Made by me from start to end: participating in a short media course, finding a topic, finding interesting people to follow and interview, creating angles for content and visual expression, filming, learning how to edit, editing and spreading.


Last but not least, if you want to look at my extended profile (+ CV) of various projects and jobs more or less relevant for this position, you’ll find it here.



I believe – and hope – that you’ve received plenty of interesting applications, which provide only a sample of who we all are and can. I wish you an inspiring recruitment process and hope to meet you face-to-face.


with continuing curiosity towards your visions, ways of working and our potential cooperation,

my best regards,

Iwona Helena Rejmus.