Day 2.

I thought that the most important sharing of the day would be that I found a new clue about what I am really searching for: I want to create frames where each person fishes something precious out while we are connecting different curiosities/desires, like creating multi-personal ‘win win’ situations, connecting elements.

The other report is that we found a useless blender from a chefs mother that doesn’t blend, just moves things. I immediately associated with that art project of fish in a blender in a museum*. Our version would be called a fish-dizzifier, said the chef.

But as this diary might be consistent and kept going for 3 weeks, it feels relevant to write this now as the line of the day: I asked myself if my written sharings would be different if I only wrote for myself. The answer is yes. And at this point I don’t know what I want to do with this conclusion.



*sometimes or often, I bring those intertextual things up, but I am not interested in researching on exact names, contexts and numbers. But maybe some of you know what I mean with this fish.

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