on showing oneself. {blogging, life stories, secrets and trivialities}

Breaking the silence. I have been given many precious lessons in courage by Club de la Faye and Crazy Wisdoms of the New Tantra. It’s time to start sharing experience and present different perspectives for the sake of breaking myths and prejudices (also about oneself). One can call it exhibitionism, another generosity…or maybe it’s just humility?


I’ve been thinking about things that prevent me from sharing experiences, life-stories and perspectives unless asked. They are so locked between my private world and closest friends. Realized what has been taming my expression, holding myself back:

-“It has to be perfect/checked/look good before I express
I refuse to do that anymore. I can build credibility in other ways…and I will. Generalists don’t have time for polishing details.

-“I need to ask people or institutions if I can mention them in my text
No. It’s my dynamic, non-proportional* virtual universe of free speech and subjective experiences. As, I said, it’s mine, nothing to do with objective truths.

-“I need to be careful what I expose about my private life
Yes, to some extent. All in all, it’s more a question of a higher purpose of sharing.

-“I can’t speak good theory and inspire others if I don’t live it myself fully or not an expert” Oh yes, I can. And I should. Too many treasures are held back because they are not “good enough” yet.


Often bringing new light to old classics or collecting existing treasures is bigger an art than creating new things.Besides, don’t we all hear that nobody creates sth completely new? A.Jodorowsky might be right to quote: “In art, he who is no one’s child is a son of a bitch.” So why pretend? Fuck patents. Share, steal and customize. Give credit to your influencers. Silently is also fine.
So if I don’t reference a quote, an idea-initiator, an inspiration-source or a photo author, forgive in advance. Most of the times it’s a conscious choice. You are always welcome to poke me with a reminder.

I have limited resources. And I respect my energy. I recommend you use yours well, too. Hope some of my blog inspires you. And thank you all out there who inspire(d) me.


*dynamic, because frozen words are only fresh for a new reader, never fresh again for me (read: everything is only here and now); non-proportional, cause I allow myself with joy to sometimes put enormous focus on trivial things and trivialize the biggest life events.

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