Game Development: your Tester/Moderator/Creative Generalist

Talent within IT, learning, research, game- and performance-design

It’s about storytelling, setting rules of the game, meaning-creation, ”contageous” networking, technology and experience economy 


Dear team and other potential working partners, 

I am a performer artist with two diplomas (Sociology and Software Development) and a burning ambition to create synergy between the those areas. I want to contribute with my personality, double education, international work- and study- experience and other unique skills I have gained through my spare time activities (culture, art, education, creative events). I am really glad for expansion and growing recognition of game as a new medium and current gamification tendencies, as I find playing one of the most engaging, educating and transformative social tools. My goal is to contribute to this field. 


My skills and experience can easily fit in roles of: (part time/full time) Technical Tester, Tester, Moderator, Social Game Designer… or a smart combination. 

I consider each team member at work a precious contributor to the well-working, yet dynamic organism. I am therefore flexible in multitasking and engaging also in out-of-the-box challenges to make everyday collaboration run smoothly. Because I also have other skills and interests that make me into a great generalist, which, I believe, is a big asset in game development and web communication industries. So if you consider hiring one that can potentially also cover other roles, there’s a good match!

  • QA department and testing, as I worked with automated test before in java and C# and have understanding of all tests listed in the (software test) V-model, as well as continuous integration, agile and Test-First approaches. I have hands-on experience with programming (java, C#; +frontend web {html+css+javascript} and SQL) and software development processes and general understanding of different elements, phases and stakeholders that compose the creation of new games. Why contribute as a tester? Because I guard the quality of your games, work hands-on with code – which is my IT background – and I am part of an inspiring game industry – which stimulates my sociological background and artistic approach to interactivity.
  • communicating, moderating, designing and facilitating user experience in 3 languages: Danish, English and Polish
  • research and concept development with art/design team, as I am good at qualitative research and narrative and enjoy translating real-life scenarios, tasks and concepts into storytelling/game, depending on target audience, goal of the game and user-involvement elements in mind (competition, rewarding, creative self-expression and agency).
  • managing and reusing digital assets, as I am good at overview and “recycling” and connecting elements are my passions
  • communication with other departments and outsourced, international teams (people skills, experience in customer service and as a teacher, ability to speak different proffesional languages: technical, academic, artistic). I can easily serve as a precious bridge between user, business and technology.
  • (IT) project management assistant (certified within PRINCE 2)


More about myself:  potentials, your investments for the future…


I have strong analytical, creative and representative skills

I can do research myself, I did academic and jornalistic writing. I can content-research for essays, interviews, performances with storytelling, documentaries and radio programs. I have experience communicating and collaborating with researchers. My sociological specialization (Master Thesis) was focused on using interactive fiction for ”educating” into reality.

I enjoy ”spreading the bug”, networking and involving new collaborators (researchers, project partnetrs, etc.). I worked for IBIS’ playful and interactive campaign ’jeg er Yasuni’ ( designed on the threshold between technology, ritual and political activism. Developing events and social media strategies that serve a good cause is my greatest energy drive.

My potential social contribution to your team will take form of good communication skills, keeping the spirit up and bringing knowledge and inspirations from other fields of my life and my rich network.

I am good at developing game scenarios, interactive workshops and teambuilding/brainstorming sessions based on game elements. I have gladly used those skills in my performance group Club de la Faye, performative teaching (latest: Sisters Academy; before: ’Digital Performance’ at ITU Copenhagen), as well as during creative co-creation events (like Burning Man and Copenhagen Burlesque). I love designing and participating in face-to-face games (or “analog” combined with the virtual), based on immersive fiction. I believe there plenty of fresh, precious perspectives those experiences can bring to video games design. Here Club de la Faye manifesting “The Embassy of Untrue Reality” interactive universe in House of Futures in Copenhagaen, 2012:

With my IT background and all the above skills and experiences, I will certainly also be a priceless asset in your web/software development team as business analyst, consultant, as well as in technical roles (maybe not as a nerdy programmer in the beginning, but definitely software test and less complicated coding). I can be focusing on 1-2 of the above mentioned areas or contributing to many agile-way, depending on actual needs and phases of a particular project. I will be happy to meet you for discussing possible cooperation or just for an ”inspiration exchange” coffee.


My best regards to the team,

Iwona Helena Rejmus.