Day 9, 10: I’m leaving the Academy..

As relations between students, old and new staff unfold with new surprises every day, new poetic selves are being created, aesthetic homeness of the Academy corners soaked with songs that stir my body and emotions – I feel growing love for this universe, I feel touched. Late Wednesday night, I felt, we kickstarted play and rituals only between us, internally, and much of what I long for, what is truly meaningful with those manifestations was reconfirmed.

Day after, we again created a sharing circle with students about love, relationships and intimacy. And a massage in collaboration with a teacher. Potentials and ideas multiplied, while time had the last word: some of them manifest, yes.

Words are Clarice Lispector’s fouth dimention. I believe they can be that. I spend time choosing words, also before entering the confession booth. But I’d like to give words more essence and less time. Also therefore those diaries from Fremtidslinjen were image- based.

On my final day – Open day – the school was filled up with curious guests on guided tours and it felt they are somehow a natural part of Sisters Academy…those strangers.


We created a temporary home again. And with radiant and a bit aching heart, I’m moving on…

Photo: Shape Shifter

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