Day 9, 10: I’m leaving the Academy..

As relations between students, old and new staff unfold with new surprises every day, new poetic selves are being created, aesthetic homeness of the Academy corners soaked with songs that stir my body and emotions – I feel growing love for this universe, I feel touched. Late Wednesday night, I felt, weRead More…

Day 8: Sisters’ Day

I’m every woman. The (w)Hole.

Day 7: longing for crystal clear or smoke machine?


Day 6: feel home and leave a trace

home is where you can express yourself…

Day 5: a gift from the Ear

A song I love, part of the soondscape

Day 4: my tableaux

A temporary, purple home.

Day 3: here is March

The Great Beauty and a seeker’s trivialties.

Day 1, 2: Rings on the water

Into the arms of those kids…   * Some pictures – like the 2nd one- were not taken by me. I might have found them in a foreign newspaper, on random walls, acknowledging the author(s) I don’t know, you stirred something in me…

the (w)Hole ‘s month in Fremtidslinjen

She will be sharing words from the takeover of Fremtidslinjen school by Sisters Academy 24 February- 16 March ’17 Photo: ‘I’ diana lindhardt

Between boys and girls (random, important inputs to sexual education)

For the last years, I have been on a pearl-searching journey. Love and sexuality has been my interest since I remember.  So many good and less good games played between people in their intimate relationships. Amazing developments woven together with holding back or confusion. Fear-driven and heart-driven moves. Aspirations basedRead More…

- I am looking for something. - What is it? - I have no idea, I admitted, I imagine it’s like a door...