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Day 6: feel home and leave a trace

home is where you can express yourself…

Day 5: a gift from the Ear

A song I love, part of the soondscape https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KDcv2jcBweo

Day 4: my tableaux

A temporary, purple home.

Day 3: here is March

The Great Beauty and a seeker’s trivialties.

Day 1, 2: Rings on the water

Into the arms of those kids…   * Some pictures – like the 2nd one- were not taken by me. I might have found them in a foreign newspaper, on random walls, acknowledging the author(s) I don’t know, you stirred something in me…

the (w)Hole ‘s month in Fremtidslinjen

She will be sharing words from the takeover of Fremtidslinjen school by Sisters Academy 24 February- 16 March ’17 Photo: ‘I’ diana lindhardt

Between boys and girls (random, important inputs to sexual education)

For the last years, I have been on a pearl-searching journey. Love and sexuality has been my interest since I remember.  So many good and less good games played between people in their intimate relationships. Amazing developments woven together with holding back or confusion. Fear-driven and heart-driven moves. Aspirations basedRead More…

Protected: Feminism(s) and tantra

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

THE ART OF… JOB HUNTING {DAY 38. – 217.}: wrapping a full process cycle

Everything ‘the Art of…’ is about processes that bring something more than goal-related fruits.   I’d like to share some of those last 180 days of job-searching now that I reached a point of being hired and fired again within 2 weeks’ time.   What I’ve learned about myself and… the jobRead More…

A no egg clue

blindfolded reflections after the Takeover in Simrishamn’16 Searching for something. A door, a clue. Feeling I am not challenging myself enough, not doing anything grand enough. Constantly waiting for “cracking it”   That stepping down from the „leader/inspirator/teacher“ role and letting myself experience what naturally unfolds in interactions with students withoutRead More…

- I am looking for something. - What is it? - I have no idea, I admitted, I imagine it’s like a door...